Will he ever come back to me?

My boyfriend of nine months who seemed more attached to me than I was to him and I broke up two months ago.

He said he needed a break because I couldn't trust him to not smoke and I was so hurt that I broke up with him that night because I didn't want to be the one who got hurt.

Then he tried to get me back and I said I needed space. I told him I love him and want to be with him and when he said are you sure that's what you want I said no.

Then I asked a few weeks later to hangout and told him I've been thinking and I want to get back together and I love him and I'm sorry. He kissed me said he wants to get back together too and then after that he drove away and called a few hours later saying he doesn't think it will work out and that he doesn't want to hurt me anymore.

He is now dating a friend of mine who when we were dating I asked him if he liked and he said no. I really love him and still want him back. They started dating like two weeks after we broke up which is really soon...is she a rebound?

What do I do? Do you think he still has feelings for me? How can I get him back? :(
Will he ever come back to me?
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