Should I leave him alone? Help?

Broke up new years eve because he lied and said he went out of town but i found out he stayed in town and had a girl come down but he "didnt like her like that" why lie then? Well Wednesday night he wanted to take me to dinner and talk and have a couple drinks, said he loved me and would do anything... Yeah right. He was on his phone 90 percent of the time still, and when we were leaving he had a attitude, i asked if he were mad at me and if he was to take me home. Big mistake. He "grabbed" me but it was a freakin harsh push i got contusions on my knee and elbow. But he apopigized and addressed my wounds. I know im stupid for thinking it would work. Smh. We been together over a yeat but recently we have been fighting a lot more. he's secretive and all that. Friday he said he would hit me up, so i waited to see if he would. By ten he finally did and was pissed i didn't hit him up. I said im not gonna be the one that has to message you all the time. Told me i was a bitch and stupid that i had everything with him and i chose to be with family. But im at my fams watching tv he's at the bar by this time. He could of hit me up. It always has to be me then im the bad guy. I love him to death but he's been more physically and emotionally abusive then ever these passed two months. I can't trust him anymore and he blames me for everything. Im walking on eggshells. I love him so much and i feel like im killing myself by staying away. Tell me im not crazy?


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  • You're not crazy. But he's obviously not the guy for you. He doesn't deserve you and you should remove him from your life and find someone else who truly loves you.

    • Thank you. I know what i need to do. Its just actually doing it thats hard.

    • I know that feeling, because I had a crush on a girl for 3 years and still kinda do but no way near as much as I once did. Long story short I loved her, she didn't love me and dated other guys. I never got over her because there was no proper ending.
      But after 9th grade I still wasn't completely over until 2nd grade of highschool when I started to like someone else.

      I know it's hard but in the long run you'll feel much better, especially when you meet someone who loves you back truly.

  • What you described obviously answers your own question... time to find mister right because this guy is not him and it's clear as day.

    • Yeah i know what i need to do. Its so hard. My aunt and mom are like my best friends right now because I've pushed the rest away. Theyre telling me to stay away but that i have to learn on my own. He even went and said i picked them over him and theyre not gonna support me like he has been supposably. I know he's wrong but how can he be so right then so wrong so fucking fast. Its horrible.

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    • Because people can only hide how they truly are for so long, once the mask comes off you see how a person really is. Don't let him bring you down with his verbal nonsense, move on... not everyone out there is a chameleon.

    • Lol. Yeah i know. That's what im going to do. Thanks

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