Guys, why do you give second chances?

Well, there's a guy who I like and we've been friends for a couple of years. We don't meet that much as he has his own group and I have mine with no mutual friends. Therefore, we don't know that much about each other. A few months ago, we had a fight (and it was my fault because I was a little bit depressed because who I thought were my true friends were in fact fake ones and so, I thought that he may also be a fake friend and I hurt his feelings with an email which I regret).

In class, I had a friend who knows him a little bit, but she doesn’t talk to him. I explained to her what has happened and she was like it’s better to forget him, as he is a sensitive person.

Obviously, he didn't talk to me after that email and whenever I saw him, he was surrounded by his friends. His friends always looked at me in such a way like telling me that I didn't deserve their friend's friendship, if I only wanted to hurt him. Two days later, I sent him an email to show him that I am really sorry, but I didn’t tell him that I couldn't approach him due to my fear of hurting me back. In around 2 months I sent him 4 emails to show him that I am sorry with no reply. One day, I decided to email him the last apology, where I explained to him what has happened to me and why did I do that to him.

The day after, he sent me an email back where he told me that he forgave me for what I did, and so he will give me another chance. Out of curiosity, I asked him why has he now forgave me, and he said that everybody make mistakes and has his own troubles.

Do you think that is the real reason or is there a hidden message behind it? If there is, what could it be?


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  • I don't have the illusion that she has to be perfect and never make mistakes.. I'm sure I will eventually make one..


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  • I don't give second chances to a girl and live on the philosophy of "if your going to get back together then your going to marry her" I'm still not married tho

    I used to break up and get back together a million times with girls but now I see it as a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, I will hold on much tighter to a relationship but if we break up I let go and move on


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