NEED ADVICE- Being friends with an ex- is it possible?

]My ex broke up with me in April after dating for 5 months (we were friends before although there was obvious chemistry all along). Although its been super hard for me, he even said it wasn't a bad break up and he still wants us to be friends again in time. I told him I want us to be friends too but I made it clear he would need to initiate to make that possible. I know everyone says they want to be friends during breakup but he was very insistent on it and I do believe he meant it. About a month after the breakup, we met up. The meet up went fine but we drank too much and I got a bit teary at the end- clearly too soon. After that night, we had no correspondence for 5 months. Then, he randomly texted me asking how it was going and suggested to meet up. Although he suggested meeting up (not me,) he never made definite plans and I had to be the one to follow up to make concrete plans and ask if he still wants to- which almost took 3 weeks. When we did meet up in October, it was honestly great it felt like old times. We were at the coffee shop for over 3.5 hours catching up he said he missed hanging out with me and how it had been too long (he mentioned how he felt we needed the break even though it wasn't necessarily his choice) he even suggested us doing things together again like playing soccer, etc. After that night, we didn't correspond other then I sent him one quick joke over text. A little over a month later (end of November), it was his bday and I texted him to wish him, asked him what he's been up to, he responded every time (series of 5-6 texts), he asked me a question or two , but he was pretty brief. He always has had a brief texting style to be fair. I dont know what to do. I really want us to be friends and I dont want him out of my life but I dont want to push it either. He was the one to break the NC and suggest meeting up but he hasn't initiated anything since. Do you think he wants to be friends? Will i ever hear from him again?


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  • Sounds like you want more and he knows this. But he is afraid of going back in a relationship with you...

    • How does he know I want more? I didn't initiate us meeting up after months of no contacting, he did. And then I just wished him happy bday and very very casual conversation.

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    • I just dont get the mixed signals not in terms of us getting back together but just being friends. That night I met him he was the one reminiscing and saying i miss this and that I kept my mouth shut and didn't say any comments like that. I also dont know if maybe he hasn't be in touch because he's been looking for a job for months now and i think he's become self-conscious cause he still doesn't have one and he's been looking since August (hes 30)

    • I think give him time to work on himself and when and if his ready for something he will want you.

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