Has this already ended by now or not?

Here's the story:

I met this guy back in January 2009...we really liked each other a lot & we were talking everyday- we got to know each other pretty well I would say. Then on June the 1st he says he lost interest: It's because another girl ran after him. Then he cut me off completely and he was ignoring me. Then I got very angry & frustrated because I really like this guy a lot & the girl that chased after him is not all that attractive - I'm WAY BETTER than her!

I didn't know hot to get through to him because he was ignoring - he cut me off August 2009. So then in November 2009 I opened up a fake Facebook account & msn ID and I spoke to him. He was saying that he's single and that his last ex who was black cheated on him (with a guys who's just a friend & who doesn't commit to anyone) and then he was talking about me that I'm "Sincere". He didn't know it was me but then in the end he found out and he called me a liar/ said that he hates me...

We are now back in contact since Feb 2010. He apologized to me & when he saw me he was asking me: "well don't I get a hug?" Then we hugged and kissed. When I asked him about her again in person, he was saying: c'mon black not my type- she didn't cheat I just got sick of her...

Do you think he's still with her? or do you think they ended? Ever since he got with her he removed his relationship status on Facebook and its blank and his looking for says friendship not friendship and dating..is he still with her? Why dint he change his relationship status? why did he eave it blank and not write single? Is he just looking for what he wants in a relationship & is only looking for friendship for now?
Yes- he's still with her
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He's with her but not happy with her and wants to leave her
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Some people change their Facebook and leave it that way
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Has this already ended by now or not?
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