Have you ever had to breakup with someone you really loved, but the relationship was becoming bitter? how did you get over it?

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years of which the first year was great; we did not have any fights. however, during the last year we have been arguing a lot. in fact i broke up with him twice but only to be back together in a week cause I missed him dearly and was basically falling apart. the issue is that there's no future for our relationship and it's becoming a hard work so i understand that it's perfectly rational to end the relationship before we end up hating each other. However, i just can't bring myself to do that; he's the only guy i've ever loved/been with and so I can't summon the courage to take this step. Could you give me any advice on how to deal with this, how can i end the relationship and find the strength in myself to cope with it and move on? P. s I am not being selfish here - My boyfriend has had many relationships and it won't hurt him as bad as it will hurt me - last time when we broke upi was completely shattered and he wasn't bothered much.


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  • Aww. I guess I felt love in your question. How much 'perfectly rational' is it? If you really do feel there's no future, this would work :
    1) Hangout with the best of friends with whom you don't remember him (trust me this works)
    2) Indulge into activities where you need to talk, meet new people & learn something new.
    Basically, I'm using the only weapon that I found which actually works- TIME.
    Time changes everything.
    The more you think about him, the more you remember your past, the more you'll suffer.
    Do this:
    Wake up tomorrow and forget every single thing that happened before sleeping. Like you've just woken up after sleeping for years. Go! Get some new work to do, pursue your passions.
    It's only you who can force yourself to do something. Once your brain gets that in mind that you've got to do this & that, it'll subconsciously think about how to improve.
    There is no need for you to think about how to break the relationship or something, do what I say, eventually your relationship would be just a 'name' which you can erase with an eraser.


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  • Time is the healing of everything. My boyfriend who I am still in love with broke up with me for the same reason, because the relationship was getting harder and he couldn't handle it anymore. It has been 4 months now, we kept in touch. I am asking you to think twice about it, you might lose someone who you really love. Time changes everything of course, but it can make you realize that you have done a big mistake. Try to work it out, when you get tired, learn how to rest, not how to quit.


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  • There no 'easy' way. Just tell him you've tried several times and it's not working out. He won't be surprised, or, as you say, all that upset.

    It might be easier on both of you if one or more friends are there when you tell him, just to help smooth over any intense emotions.

  • Me and my ex chose to broke up because it was getting bitter well more like I was given the choice to keep it going or end and i chose to end it because i could tell we were both going insane and love isn't enough to keep a relationship going, but with that being said it takes time to get over someone and it really fucking hurts so coping with it is hard but what helps is for one nit thinking about it helps, going out with friends helps and venting to someone really helps.


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  • i get over it by time


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