Do I really deserve it?

Im the reason we broke up to begin with and why she doesn't trust me. but I keep telling her if I wanted someone else idea have them or i wouldn't be here with her. we broke up but are still living together/fucking. its super awkward. any fight starts with your not my man. I feel like everything is my fault. and I know she is snapchatting and instagramming and texting other guys. but I flirted with random girls throughout our relationship so I just take my karma and try to keep a smile on. however Im at the point where faking ant cutting it anymore. I feel awkward. Im very unhappy. and can't bring myself to pretend like I don't know and still have sex with her. shouldni shutup and give her the man she wanted in our relationship before we broke up or does 2 wrongs not make a right and u should voice myself. Im using this as my last line of defense. I can't break things I don't want to have a domestic and I CANNOT stand another argument. help me


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  • Hmmm. To me it sounds like she needs space, try going to a family members house for a week, or someone you know near by, take some guy time with some guy friends, and i say.. at least 2 or 3 times text her just to let her know your thinking of her. And when you goto go back there at the place you too share, try to do something she likes (without spending money or at least not alot) and then at the end of the day, talk to her, tell her your feelings. Really tell her, and i bet she will come crawling back, unless you really fucked up then I don't know

    But if you dont want her atall, find a place where you can stay and when you can pack ur shit and leave, or if its your place then kick her out

    • Aha yea sounds great. but thiania the kicker. Im not one for marriage. Im not chasing it nor dreaming of it. I know she is a great woman and would make a great wife. and therefore I chose her. and we got together. and I know she wants and loves me but Im not going to live the next 5 years trying to defend myself and trying to prove myself. like Im already here. and we arwnt together rn and I could ne anywhere shackin up fucking a girl. but clearly I done have any of these girls she thinks I do.

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    • do you think somethig happened?
      because guys only snap girls when they are naked

    • ik that you probably really love her, but always trust your gut. i learned the hard way..

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  • It's very uncomfortable to be semi-broken up and semi-together. Sooner or later she'll find a guy on snapchat. I would walk now before that happens.


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