Did my ex dump me for this reason?

So I went out with a boy who claimed I was so out of his league and he was terribly insecure - getting mad whenever I looked at another boy and constantly asking me "you're not gonna leave me for them are you?" He always complained he was fat and kept convincing me he's going to the gym. All the while I promised him he was perfect in my eyes etc and I did really love him. I didn't care that maybe I could do better because I didn't even think that! I genuinely thought he was really attractive. Anyway so he dumps me and apparently he did it so he got a "confidence boost" and now he can walk around saying he dumped a hot girl? I just don't understand why hed be this cruel it makes me feel like I'm not good enough for him and it's confusing because if a girl was way out of your league then why'd you dump her?


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  • sorry, but separation better than spending time with someone who has a big body with a small brain.
    you did your best to maintain that relationship, but unfortunately he keep explains your efforts to stay in that relationship as a negative attitude towards him... like he's afraid about leaving him for another handsome guy.

    he doesn't trust himself in that relationship and he thinks that having a pretty girl in his is a greatest miracle happened to him... that's why he doesn't want to be embarrassed about the separation... and he keeps telling people that he's the one who started the breaking up.

    my advice, don't do anything about that situation... people might not believe his story about the separation... cuz the more he talk about it... the more he gets a bad impression.


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  • Then it means he didn't love you. He dated you to show off to people knowing that you're TOO GOOD for him.

    It sucks though, knowing that you love him. I hope you can get over him soon and find someone better!

    • Hmm Im not sure because he was literally obsessed with me and wouldn't leave me alone!! He would start crying when I said i didn't want anything serious because i was 17 and would get super annoyed if i cancelled meeting for something important like school :/
      If he just wanted to show me off then why was he so obsessed with me?

    • Obsession is not an act of love dear.. I hope you'll feel better real soon. I know you will.

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  • I doubt this was just about his confidence. If it was really for that reason he's a douche, forget him.

  • he was afraid u might leave him i guess


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