GUYS I NEED YOU , Ex decline my call?

So I know it's the age old "he's not that into stuff"

but iy it doesn't make it any easier

we were together for around four months he arranged to meet his siblings, spend Christmas with his dad.

two days before dumping me because his feelings changed however called it the hardest breakup didn't want to lose me said he regretted it and said all other stuff from intimacy issues to he had doubts.

anyway last night I was drunk and called him late at night the phone rang once and went to voicemail I tried again and the same thing happened

did he decline it?

Its the next day and i haven't had a text or anything

im just asking as he was really upset about it crying about the break up and saying he wanted to be my friend

is he actually just playing me for a fool

He's on social media having the time of his life :(


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  • if he's on social media have the time of his life laughing and stuff then he maybe yes. regarding the call.. you don't know whether he declined or not.

    • Maybe yes what?

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    • Yes then it stopped after a while

      It's fine I guess he just didn't like me anymore it's just hurtful the way he went about it and that he declined or ignored my call and didn't even text

      I just thought he was a nicer person

    • Maybe something has gone wrong physically and he can't handle it

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