Is my husband controlling?

Usually i ask my husband about his opinion on spending money because i try not to look at my account I looked my account and bought a few small things like accessories I came home and he got mad that i didn't tell him about it he have separate acounts and i spent only 30 dollars. We got in an argument and i decided i wanted to leave the situation and leave the house he wouldn't let me he blocked the door. Hees nice but i feel like im in a controlling situation. I wanted a divorce and he refuses im in the army and i went to get the paperwork through them but they said i couldnt get it from them because he went through them already. I told him i wanted a divorce and he refuses to get the paperwork for free and insist that i have to go pay to get them if i want a divorce. there's no where for me to go to separate myself from him. Im not sure if im over thinking everything but i dint feel like i want to be married to him anymore.


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  • How old are you?

    • I am 21

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    • Umm we don't get paid that much

    • Then ignore him and start saving is your last option

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  • You're young... are you sure you're ready to spend your life with this control


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