Why do girls think its OK to use guys?

I swear my last six relationships have been 12 hours at the shortest and three days at the longest and they're always the ones who leave, not me. They always leave for bullshit, often no, reasons.


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  • Well everybody can use somebody else - you are much more likely to get used if you date a girl more educated, richer or better looking / more popular than you. This is why so many attractive guys date average looking girls - they know they will get better treatment if they date somebody who is less attractive than them.


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  • If that has happened on six occasions then you can't just look to the girls for blame. You also have to look at yourself, what you might be doing wrong and certainly the kind of girls that you may be going after. You are the constant in all of those relationships. Therefore, you are the one that can change something.


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  • In one of the comments you said something about harassment.
    What kind?
    And even though you feel you are past that, she might just nok like that trait and broke up.

    Though I don't know why the other girls broke up with you.

    Either they just found out their feelings weren't there or you're getting together with the wrong girls.

    • The harrasment was simply they were ignoring me and I constantly said "hello"

    • Well she might have found that unattractive, I don't know.

      But if you have had that many relationships and so many of them to be short, then it simply sounds like you find the wrong girls.

  • I've never been the one to leave a guy. I'm not sure why they would do that unless it was like a dare or sympathy thing

    • My last relationship was 20 days (my longest relationship in TWO YEARS) and she left BC of some bullshit. assuming I was gonna harass her even though her proof was a month old.

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    • Right okay. But seriously its annoying

    • Yeah I'd imagine it would be

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