Ex won't speak to me? It hurts so much?

We broke up some time ago now, maybe six months.. I went NC for about a month and she contacted me in that period. We ended up meeting up and she cried told me she loved me etc. but didn't see us getting back together.

I went back to NC and then two months later she messages me again asking to meet, we met slept together and there was more tears etc. I tried to go slow this time and let her come to me but again she's told me she can't see us getting back together.

Since then a few weeks ago she has decided to stop talking to me, won't answer calls reply to messages and its hurting me so much. Why is she doing this? Is there anything I can do to change her attitude? It feels like this time i've lost her for good


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  • This is the cut off you two should have already had. By doing all these little meet ups you're both prolonging the breakup process and neither of you can move on. Just block her and move forward.


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  • Probably she isn't interested in getting back with you, apparently she just wants you as a friend with benefits.


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  • Good. She's your ex and exes belong in the past. She's cutting you off because it's too tempting for her contact you and probably feels like the only way she can move past you is by erasing you completely from her life.
    Stop wasting time on this girl, it doesn't matter what history you have together, you deserve to be with someone that actually wants to be with you and not someone who questions it. Is that really what you think you deserve? A girl who isn't sure about her feelings for you? I bet my ass it isn't. Forget her, there's millions of wonderful girls out there who are even better than your ex and who won't have doubts about wanting to be with you. You should be excited about future opportunities, your girl is out there somewhere you just have to find her and the longer you're preoccupied with an ex the longer it's going to take you.

    • Also, I am sorry for your breakup, I know how much they hurt, but you HAVE to try and move on, take it one day at a time. Date new girls too, it helps heaps.

  • I know this might sound strange but,
    Do you really care about her?
    Are you in love with her?

    If the answer is yes,
    What is the reason for you to break up?
    What is the reason you can't be together?

    You need to talk to her and resolve those questions.

    If you really love her and she really loves you,
    Why are you not together?

    Meet with her one time in a public place, so that you can avoid the temptation of having sex and focus on the issues.

    Do you both love each other?
    Why can't you be together?
    What are the reasons that lead to a breakup in the first place?

    Discuss those questions and then decide.

    After you have clear answers,
    If you both really want to be with each other, then go for it.

    Life is short for regret and to contemplate on what could have been.

    Meet her and resolve the matter as soon as you can. When I say meet, I mean meet in person.

  • let go i know it hurts so much, or if u got to see her again ask her the real reason and if u really want her so try to help her...


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