Should I ask him an explanation, or ignore him?

We know one another for about half a year now, and since the beginning it was sort of a romantic connection between us. We claimed it as a relationship one month ago, but as of the beginning of January, he's been ignoring me (so, after a month of relationship). He didn't answer my text, nor has he sent me any. He's been ignoring me on all social media, and when we saw one another, he just smiled, and I don't know if I was angry or was it really like that, I felt like it was a mean smile.
Now I don't have an explanation why, because nothing was telling me it is about to go that way, there were no signs of that, it just happened, all of a sudden.
Now, I'm wondering, should I text him anyway asking him why, or should I ignore him?
But I'm not sure I can do any of that, actually.


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  • Ignore him and move on... soon or late he'll try to contact you and when that happens... till him (you like the moon shining and beautiful, but hard to reach+good luck.

    Good luck...


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  • Move on. There can be plenty of reasons why he is ignoring you. But he didn't have the decency to let you know, then why keep txting hoping that he will reply. That will become annoying to him. He can be going through personal issues, depressed, moody, school, work, found a new girlfriend... anything. People have other things in their lives going on besides texting and calling allday. Its just how it is. Move on, sounds like you like him and want to be with you but he doesn't feel the same way.


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  • Ignore and forget about him. You can do much better than that.


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