Boyfriend of 8 years left without saying goodbye. Why?

I was with my boyfriend for 8 years and we had our ups and downs like every couple. However, before he left he stopped talking to me for 4 days wouldn't pick up my calls or answer my text messages. The last message he sent me was telling me he wasn't done with the relationship but he was confused with life and feeling down. I wanted to help him, yet he wouldn't acknowledge me. Haven't heard back from him. I did try calling and texting again but I got nothing. So I ended up leaving it and never contacting him again. Don't know why he couldn't just tell me what was wrong.


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  • Sounds like he was seriously depressed. Only he can answer this though.

    • Yes he did tell me few days before he wasn't well. But to just leave me without no explanation after so many years doesn't make sense.

    • Yes he didn't handle that well. A crappy thing for him to do for sure.

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  • Wow this must be really hard, Im sorr about that...

    No person who cares about you would do this to you, he sounds like a dick.

    • Could be clinical depression.

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    • Being with his friends (I assume male friends) is probably his "comfort zone." I was the same way, as I'm a firefighter and had the other guys I work with as my support group. I had no interaction with women during my year-long spiral. It could be that he is attempting to sort out his relationship with you. Eight years is a considerable investment and at some point you need to make a commitment.

    • Yes his mate friends, he was always the one speaking about getting married but he wanted to make sure he was financially stable and he wasn't. And this bothered him a lot.

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  • He was probably fed up with your bullshit.

  • When he left, where did he go?

    • He didn't go anywhere. No paticular place.

    • I thought perhaps he left the area for school, work, etc.

      There is a possibility he's suffering from depression. One the other hand, he may have found someone else. You won't know until you are finally able to contact him.

    • Yes you're right. But I will not contact him again as much as I want to. Whenever he is ready he can contact me and hopefully by then I will be in a better state of mind.

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