Will he ever truly regret it?

He has come back to me twice begging for forgiveness for the way he treated me each time, all the things he did and how he is so sorry. The last time it happened I gave him a chance and it went perfectly with us, until he randomly got bored and walked out and became the cruel person I knew again and completely cut me off for a third time with no explanation. He will be with girls who party every night and have a reputation of sleeping around, even a drug dealer, but not the girl who helped him and supported him.

He wants to be a rapper, but when I met him when he was 20 he never tried, he didn't do anything. He told me he doesn't see it happening. we ended because I loved him but he was lazy and kept taking drugs. He came back 7 months later upset. I was kind to him, supportive, he began creating music, he was trying harder in life, telling me he wants to quit drugs and smoking. We failed again when he gave up on us. It ended badly, he called me every name imaginable, tried to make me look bad, blamed me for everything (even stuff that happened to him before he met me) he threatened to kill me and punch me. I was devastated.

A year later he came back. He thanked me for everything, that because of me he's chasing his dreams and I changed his life for the better and he couldn't be more grateful. He doesn't want this life of drugs and he doesn't want to be that guy and he's so sorry. He was in a bad place and he couldn't be more sorry for what he had done to me. It took a long time but I forgave him. I helped him with depression, I was kind and loving. We had amazing chemistry, same sense of humour and interests, no arguments. He told me how much he wanted me and how lucky he is to have me. It was perfect but he gave up again and now he's gone again.

I asked for him to never return again... will he ever truly regret choosing drugs and bad influences over the girl to help change his life? Will he attempt to come back again? I don't think I could handle it again.


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  • He has a controlling personality and repeats behaviour that exercises control over other people. They whole thing is cycle and a manipulation, you would be best recognizing that his behaviour won't change and it's not about you, it's about him, so stay away from a destructive person like that.


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  • Be done with him. You have to think of yourself now. He might (and a big might) change one day, but chances are it will be way down the line, if ever, and then he's got a lot of work to do to change his behavior. He will not be ready for a "good" relationship anytime soon.


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