Is it okay to be best friends with an ex?

most of my friends are my ex's to me thiere just friends but for some reason this is all ways an issue im curious on why though


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  • Personally I don't , because it just brings too much drama into your life. It complicates future relationships. I have no reason to keep in contact with an ex. Besides, life's meant to be travelled forwards not backwards.


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  • Do you mean that it's always an issue with other girls you start dating?
    Because people are usually jealous and make assumptions. I've been guilty of this so I know what it's like.
    "They used to date so I know she likes him and he likes her, they used to kiss and make out and whatever. Who knows what they're up to when they're hanging out even though she's my girlfriend now?"

    Of course there's nothing wrong with being friends or even close friends with an ex, especially at your age. Just be aware of the potential emotional challenge this may present itself for potential girlfriends and maybe make an additional effort to ease any tensions, fears, or insecurities they have.
    In other words, don't ignore your girlfriend when you're hanging out with your female friends. Do show a little extra affection to your girlfriend when around your female friends. Hold her hand, put your arm around her, kiss her every now and then in front of your female friends.
    You don't have to go overboard, but do be thinking "How can I make her feel good when these other girls are around?"
    Make it so she has no doubts that she's yours, and you're hers, and all your friends know it and respect it.

    You're young, this is what relationships are about... learning and getting to understand how to deal with these kinds of situations. Have fun and good luck!

  • I think it's normal


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