I found out my ex is an alcoholic when we're both juniors in high school?

I have recently achieved 5 months of no contact from an ex who came back into my life last spring just to lead me on, choose someone else over me because I wouldn't put out, and treat me like shit. So in August I blocked him without explanation because I didn't really see the point. We had our ups and downs but it really sucks when someone who you're super close to and trust keeps hurting you. If there's anything I'd go back and change, I just wish we could've parted ways earlier and ended things on better terms rather than pretend to stay "friends" and hurting each other more than we ever had before. Back when things were good between us, he opened up to me about his struggle with depression and how he could only manage it by racing cars and drinking. Anyway, my friend is dating this guy who is still friends with my ex (we were all mutual friends who go to different schools) and she told me that while her boyfriend was snapchatting my ex john, she didn't recognize john anymore because he had gained weight and become an alcoholic. I wish I could say I'm surprised but I'm not. I saw the signs months ago I just didn't realize it would get to this point. What's funny to me is how he's gained weight when in July he was insulting me about my weight (I may not be super skinny but I'm an athlete who weighs 130 pounds). Ah karma. At the same time tho I'm concerned because I really cared about him. But also at the same time I don't want to break contact because he really hurt me and isn't my problem anymore. I'm so conflicted. What should I do? How am I supposed to handle finding this? Please help!!!


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  • well I'm an alcoholic too and I'm also a junior, but he has to learn to not hurt himself first before he can learn to not hurt you or anyone else


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