Situation hopeless?

My ex was the love of my life, I was absolutely in love with her. About six months ago we broke up.. she's a very care free spirited person and I think she was having a bit of a mid life crisis, in addition to that the spark had died a little after being together for some time.

I did no contact for a month she got in touch we met up had coffee etc. she cried told me she misses me etc stayed the night. Within a week she changed her mind and told me she didn't want us to get back together. About two months later the exact same thing happened.. this time she is refusing to speak to me any more because she feels we both won't be able to move on..

I dont know what to do any more, I know she still loves me but I'm at a loose end over what more I could possibly do or say to her... is there anything I can do to get her to speak to me or reconsider?


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  • I fucking hate loose ends *sigh*
    I guess the best advice I can give ya is perseverance.

    • Thanks on MH
      Too bad it's on something that hurts😔

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  • I would say live your life and start doing something different, otherwise you'll be depressed for a very long time. I disengaged myself from my ex it took me a year, but I succeed with it.


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  • I find it difficult... by what i understand she has a certain temperament... try but its not a guarantee. ..😊


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  • she knows that you love her... so she keep you as her backup plan when things got worse.
    your life is not a hotel to rent... stay whenever she want or leave when she want.
    fake friend as shadow... walks behind you when in the sun and disappears when you are in the dark.
    I know you care about her and you want to live your life too... but that relationship hold your back.
    move on.


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