I am trying to figure out if dumpers regret leaving an ex in a long term relationship?

I dated a woman for 6 and a 1/2 years and she said we grew apart because I worked too much. She was having quite a few issues mentally and with her job prior to the breakup so I started to leave work earlier to try to help and the only thing I received was her saying I was smothering her. She kept saying she didn't know if she loved me so I told her we needed time away and she came back and broke up with me. I handled it like a man and did everything I could to help her even though I was heart broken. She did not have much money or many friends and I was the one that own the house we lived at together. I let her keep her stuff there until she found a new place. Also, I gave her thousands of dollar worth of stuff when she moved out because she was in such a bad spot. She still tried to do everything she could to hurt me in the process even though I had been more than nice because of her mental state. The last straw was when she came to pick up her stuff and threw pictures of us in my garbage and left the frames in my garage so I would see them. I went completely NC at that point and would no longer respond to anything she did from that point. I began dating again right away and met a really awesome girl three months later, which I am still dating. Also, I am rich and good looking and I have become even more successful and rich since the breakup because I received a job offer in a different state that allows me to retire in my early 30s if I wanted. I am a really nice personal with so much going for me and I would have done anything for her and she knows that. I know I was not perfect in the relationship but I feel like I would regret a situation like this if I was the dumper, but maybe some people just don't look back. Please let me know your thoughts


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  • I think "The breakup" had to happen anyway. wasn't in your hands right? Maybe she wasn't the one. Now u r in love, don't worry but if incase she comes bk for some help ( since u mentioned she has some metal problem) . Help her because she's alone with no frnds and that sucks. It ain't ur fault, u dint deserve maybe bcus u deserved the recent partner and she deserves someone els. And I am glad u helped her with enough money before she left ☺️

    • If you were the girl in that situation, would you be a little mad that I moved on and was super successful right after we broke up?

    • Any ex would b mad if u moveon , even if there is no love it would still affect the person but why worry about it and keep yourself stuck in the past? The question about super successful aftr brkup.. Really? Noway! Why should that be making ur ex mad? No she won't be mad at you for that.

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