Do guys leave their girlfriends for another women?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and few months ago he started hanging out more with his guy friends. I didn't think it was strange until I hanged out with them once and noticed one girl whom he seems to have connection with and it seems like they've been hanging out a lot. They laughed a lot, he talked to her more about his interests (I've realized she shares them too) and I felt like she was his girlfriend, not me, even though he was also nice towards me. A month ago we had a fight and broke up but recently we made up and now we're together again but he seems a bit cold and distant. I suspect he hangs out with that girl and he doesn't tell me about that. Our relationship is currently a bit rocky, but every couple goes through discussions and fights, but I'm afraid... do you think there is a chance he will leave me to be with her?
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  • Yes they do, but because relationship isn't going well to begin with
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  • Yes they do, because another girl seems more interesting
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  • Yes but only if the relationship is rocky AND there is someone they are interested in
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  • some guys do but most stay faithfull me personally i would leave my girlfriend for another girl i would stick with her


Most Helpful Girl

  • Coming from personal experience, it's almost obvious he's using you as a second "just in case" option if he can't get the other girl. Why don't you text him you can't hang on a certain day because you're hanging a lot with an old guy friend that's visiting you? See how he likes it lol. It's so hurtful when a significant other starts treating someone else like they're the special one instead of the actual lover. If he acts like that with her in right front of you, imagine how he is when you aren't there? If you're afraid of being alone, like he probably is, feel free to also get interested in someone new while having another option. Or leave. This is just my interpretation of course, but it's coming from a good place. You have one human life, please don't put all of your time and energy and thoughts into someone who doesn't even love you as much as you love him. You asked this question because you have doubts, and that means something.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Only if the guy doesn't value or love the woman he is with.

  • I wouldn't pull that but it happens


What Girls Said 2

  • That's how I got my current boyfriend. ;D

  • yeah they do


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