I can't figure out whether she wants me back or not?

so we ended it on December 30. it was a very calm breakup. laughing about old memories and saying how much we love each other and how much we want to be together but the main focus here is, is that we both broke up because we needed a break and she said she needed space. we had great breakup sex too

the following morning we met up for breakfast hung out all day all lovey dovey holding hands hugging and cuddling in bed AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. then she invited me to the new years party she was going to. it was fun, but i got way too drunk we got into a huge argument (probably out of confusion).. i told her i never wanna see her again.

then the next day i woke up, sober, realizing what had happened so i immediately ran to her house and apologized a million times. she said she accepts my apology, but she said its really over. but she said "i need time to heal".

3 days ago i showed up to her house and wrote her a love note, including old memories, and promising that i will change my aggressiveness and that i will stop drinking, and i even put it in a frame. she cried. i said please give me another chance and she said no.

we continued to talk, and i said "okay how about this, lets both cool down and meet up in 2-3 weeks and talk about this okay?" and she agreed. then before i left she started crying and hugged me and said "please make sure you do what you said you will in that note, not just for me but for yourself." i promised.

then the last thing she said was "if we both give this some time, i dont see why this won't work in the future".

that same night, i went out and lost my house keys, and i called her so she told me to come over and we slept together cuddling. in the morning i asked her if she still agrees to talk about this in a few weeks she said yes.

i dont plan on contacting her at all for these next few weeks, but do you guys think there's a chance she wants me back?

we were seriously dating for 8 months, but prior to that we were "seeing each other" for 2 years on and off


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  • Props for physically facing her after that night you got drunk to apologize and also to not give up. And to answer your question yes I think she does want to get back with you, but I think you need to keep your end of the promise such as to give her her space, stop drinking/fighting, etc. Sometimes girls just need to see the guy's persistence and him keeping whatever promises he made to feel the security to move forward in the relationship. I hope it works out for you two!

    • by the way i wanted to cry after reading your story. very touching i can relate!

    • if you think thats touching you should read the notes i write her! hahah im not afraid to admit

    • and thank you, i really hope it works out too

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  • Just stick your nose to the current path and see how it turns out.

    • wow what an amazing contribution

    • Its the safest route. Man if she loves you she will contact you. Just keep working away and prove your worth if she says she wants to continue/restart. Prove you have changed.

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  • Sounds like love to me. I've been in a similar situation and time really does give perspective to a relationship. She wouldn't be talking to you or letting you sleep in her bed if she didn't want you in her life. Give her a little space, then tell her how important she is to you. Good luck!

    • she begged me to give her time and space. i also think the fact that she is agreeing to see me in a few weeks AND said "if we give this time i dont see why this can't work in the future"

    • Definitely. She's probably just trying to figure out her own thoughts and sometimes space is needed for that. But she definitely wants to see you again or she wouldn't have said that.

  • if you love each other and want tu be together WHY did she have to end it.

    WHAT did yo apologize for.

    the details are not here.

  • I think there might be a chance, but you nees to giver her that space- no contact rule
    and you need to keep whatever promise you wrote her in that note


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