Ex keeps playing with me, what does he want?

Ex broke up with me claiming he didn't feel the same any more but by speaking to him it sounds like he got spooked when I told him I love you (we were together around a year at this point) we work together and he wanted to stay friends we went n/c for about a month first though.

We now talk but his actions seem really weird to me. A few times when I text him when I was drunk he was overly concerned about if I was home/being home so late, offering to pick me up, texts me on holidays and the other night he even text me at midnight to tell me he It looked like I've made a lot of friends in work and he's happy for me.

On top of this in person he still does things like he's my boyfriend, getting protective when a boy dropped something on me always doing things for me or offering to help. We also used to make faces at each other since we couldn't talk and he's even been doing that too.

I have no idea what he's thinking. I don't think it's about sex because he's never tried anything like that. I like being friends but it messes with my head sometimes thinking he cares. I mean I have ex's and I don't wish them any harm but I don't do anything like this infact I only even talk to one.


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  • It sounds like he wants to be back together without ever coming right out and telling you.

    1. You broke up for a reason. What are the odds that you will rediscover the problem if you reunite?

    2. If he avoids talking about important issues between you, what does that say about his potential as a long term mate?

    • If we were to try getting back together I would need him to seriously sit down and talk out any issues and speak about what we both expect from the relationship before I would even consider it. As for number 2 that is why I won't make a move if he wants something from me then he has to show me that he's willing to work for it I won't bring it up and give him the easy option.

  • i think he is kinda fool. i don't think you should break up if the other one says i love you... unless you made it look like needy... like... i love you and you looked at his face like you were desperate for him to say it back. but even that... is not a reason. BUT i don't think he is playing with you either. maybe he is not thinking what he is doing if he still shows so much interest in you. if it bothers you, you can even ask him again what he wants and if he is sure he wants to be just friends, you can ask him to stop showing so much interest or something like that so at least you have something clear in your mind.

    • It definetly wasn't anything like that I just felt it was time to say it and so I did I thought he just needed time to process it but he broke up with me instead. I don't really want to ask him because if he wants to get back together I think he should be the one to make the effort since he was the one who broke it off at least then I would know he's serious.

    • yeah... you're almost right i would say :P i mean... yes, what you're saying now makes sense. but sometimes you feel insecure about what decisions you make... maybe you should let him know in some way you are open to him. (if you are)

  • he may not love you anymore but I think he still cares about you.

    • I get that he may still care but I feel like he should at least maybe think about how certain things can come across to me. It was the first time I told someone I loved them so I feel like he should know how deep my feelings were and how this doesn't make things any easier on me.

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