Guys, dated a guy for three months it was serious , we spent Christmas together , he spoiled me with expensive gifts?

we had a fallout on new years eve , over miscommunication , long story short , he disrespected me by say F you , not once but twice , so i hung up , told him bye , and take care
never seen this mad side of him...
i really miss him , and i want to reach out , because he hasn't
but a part of me saids to move on..
should i give it more time , its been over a week , should i just let him cool off , or assume since i haven't heard to just start dating again?


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  • is it really fair that he spent so much on you to just up and leave people get pissed sometimes just let him cool off

    • thats what I'm thinking ,, thanks

    • if you feel you dont want to be treated like that your always free to walk

  • lol that's it? he couldve said a lot worse... call him up suck his dick and everything will be back on track


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