How to Move Forward?

This past summer, I was in a relationship where I was pressured have sex with my former partner, and perform sexual acts. We did not end up having sex, however I gave him two hand jobs as a result of his persistence. At the time, I consented to it because I wanted to make him happy (silly I know), but I was not comfortable with it whatsoever. For the latter part of the relationship, it also primarily consisted of constantly being asked why we weren't having sex, and stuff of that nature.
The relationship constantly dwelled on the physical and was extremely anxiety producing. This is only a few examples of what had happened, but hopefully you get the idea.
Now that we've broken up, I am reentering the dating game. However, I deal with anxiety, because I worry about it happening again. This especially occurs when I go out on dates, resulting in me cancelling, and having no interest in dating whatsoever. I feel almost as if I shouldn't feel it because it has been so long since it happened. Furthermore, I also feel frustrated because I end up crying because I feel powerless to stop it. Additionally, I feel mad at him, because of what he did to me, and mad at myself for feeling this way. I am seeking therapy, but still wonder: "where do I go from here to feel better?" And, are all guys out there like that, and how does sex come in a relationship?
Looking for advice and resources to move past what has happened. Thank you.


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  • just go at your pace dont let no nobody force anything on you!, its something that needs to be agreed upon and worked towards!

  • there's no relationship with sex. better get yourself sexual guy.

  • Not all guys are a like you need to let a guy know ahead of time if you want to go slow, most guys will not mind and if they do than they are not right for you


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