How do I comfort my younger sister in a time of a break up?

I've never seen her so upset or depressed before. The poor girl has been through a lot and they were dating for 4 years. She's completely heart broken, and I haven't seen her smile for a while now.
What do I do? She's slowly losing herself.


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  • Just be there for her and try to keep her mind busy. The worst thing you can do is be alone with your thoughts after a tough breakup


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  • Well, breakups can be rough. How old is she? Is it her first breakup?

    4 years a lot of time to devote to someone and then feel like you're empty handed. Healing comes with time and understanding. Remind her why she's awesome and remind her who SHE is. Sometimes we lose ourselves before we can find ourselves again. Just encourage her and remind her that life will and does continue and when's she ready she will come around.

    Now for my own sanity if you feel like she's in a deep need of help be the one to speak up for her when she can't. Hope all ends well.


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