Im too shy to talk to him but he's seems kinda interested in me?

how the hell do i get the confidence and courage to talk to this guy. sat next to him 2 times and he talked to me, flirted kinda and asked if i had snapchat but he didn't ask for it. he also told the people around him i was gorgeous and i laughed and he said "i think she heard" and laughed omg i'm over analyzing this. the i had to switch places because someone sat next to him. now i'm too scared to move back. and few days later asked me why i moved, laughed and walked away. saw him today he was sitting with his friends and he stared at me and smiled and i smiled back. so what do i do?


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  • you need to go n talk n make approach. he'll not make approach unless you're all alone


What Girls Said 1

  • Talk to him!! He's already obviously interested in you so you should just go for it. The first step when I was trying to get confident was don't care what he thinks. It sounds lame but it's true and it really works.


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