Come one, Come all!! Is this considered a rebound?

He oficially broke up with me 6 days ago. He said he has love for me but fell out of love with me 8 months ago. He met this new girl on new years day and they already sleep over at each others place and with one another ( within a week). He bragged to me how she is great and how he feels like he has known her for years. Is this a rebound girl/relationship? Do you think it will last?


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  • It all depends. Is it technically a rebound, yes. But do some people sometimes fall in love with a rebound, also yes. You'll have to wait and see how it plays out. I had a friend who rebounded with a guy and it turned into a four year relationship.

    This guy sounds like a total jerk. If he wants to move on that's fine, but he doesn't need to be taunting you about his new girl. Honestly, fuck him, you deserve better than that.

  • I think you need to let him be. He obviously does not value your feelings or he would have ended it when he knew he no longer loved you.

  • Just move on hun.


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