Your wosrt breakup?

tell me about your worst breakup... mine was like a nightmare... it was with overpossessive girlfriend... damn.. she even told about our relation to her whole family.. and her family use to look at me like i an their son in law... so when i broke up with her it was like a break up with one whole family


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  • I got cheated on by my boyfriend of 2 years and he hit me twice. He was also very possessive and told me to Snapchat him when I'm home and I had to stop talking to all my guy friends too

    • damn that guy was serious problem then... he sound like more of serial killer... Indian?

    • Nope, Algerian

    • ooou... but yea he was psych

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  • My girlfriend and I spent a week skiing in Aspen and then a romantic Valentine's Day weekend in San Francisco. As soon as we got back home, she told me that she was getting married in six weeks and the invitations had already gone out. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Talk about a heart breaker...


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  • I discovered that he impregnated his close friends. The hardest part here is that he denied it until the day that we broke up. He keeps his promise that he will have a baby soon not knowing that the soon is already been born after 5 months of that promise. :-(


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  • She tried to get me to move so I move a long ways to be with her and was about to move in when she went quiet and I logged into FB a few days later to only see photos of her with another man.


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