Why would she play me like this?

My recent ex of a month or so now broke up with me saying I couldn't make her happy and that we had nothing in common. I changed everything for her to make her happy and we had a lot in common. She just never wanted to see it and even grew away from me. We were high school sweet hearts as in we dated senior year and graduated as a couple even making plans to live together and have a family, then one day all of a sudden she broke up with me the day after we just decided on moving in with each other. I then started figuring out that she's dating someone else right now and she was cheating on me a month prior to our break up with the same guy she's with now and she wants to become a stripper. I really still care for her and it hurts that all I do now is work or stay at home while she's doing who ever. I have friends but they are all busy and I just feel so hollow and empty. But why do I still care after she's moved on so quick? And why would she play me like that? And did she ever really care..


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  • Never change for anyone.

    Change only for yourself if it genuinely is positive for you, and harms no one at least intentionally.

    Now what happened with this woman you love?

    She fell for you, the way you were. Then she changed you. When she changed you, you were no longer the person she loved.

    Also, its hard to accept rejection, it can take a long time to get over it. It's normal. But realise everyone in this world changes, leaves or dies. Nothing stays. This helped me detach from the world and not be so concerned with rejection.

    You'll be fine in few months and possibly will have another woman :-) :-*


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  • Why on earth would you want to be with someone whos ambition is to be a stripper? You need to have more value for yourself man. Also you shouldn't have to change everything for a woman, its what i've done in the past and it's only a matter of time before the curtain falls - be who you are and be with someone who likes who you are


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  • You have dodged a bullet. Be thankful.
    She and her new boyfriend deserve each other. They will be consumed by the flames of their own dishonour and stupidity.

  • She is heartless without him and he is empty without her. Women are just cruel. Find a girl that respects herself and respect you. This one is not worth your time nor emotions

  • Hello romeo! Get a life and forget that wench.

  • You don't need a woman like that she sounds heartless.


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