Best way to move on without running after someone else?

specially when you moved into a place where you don't even have friends..


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  • For me, it's finding healthy distractions like doing things that I enjoy doing. It's important to take the time to reconnect with yourself after a break up, as we often change our behaviours to facilitate a relationship.
    I find meditation, fishing, camping, bushwalking, walking and riding my bike are great ways to relax. I also like to learn new skills and get involved in online groups to discuss them and find advice.
    I also try to remind myself that residual feelings are there because you're grieving the loss of your hopes and expectations that you'd built up whilst together, and because of an addiction to the neurochemical responses that you had to that person.
    Like any addiction, if it's unhealthy for you, you gotta break the habit


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  • find a hobby or two, maybe an active one like hiking, jogging, kayaking, join a gym


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