Does she still have feelings for me? Is there a chance of getting back together?

My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago. We dated for about 3-4 months. She realized that she wasn't ready for a relationship after her fear of getting close because of issues with her last boyfriend. She said she broke up with me for her and needed to find herself. I just need opinions if someone has gone through this and if you got back together or at least remained friends.
One of the big issues towards the end of the relationship is that she felt I was more committed than she was becuase again it went back to issues from her last relationship but she said she felt that I really was helping her regain trust.


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  • All u can do now, if u really still want her is prove to her that u really are a good guy, and that u are someone that she can grow close to. Be her friend... still be there for her if she needs somebody to talk to. that's really all u can do now honestly... just be her friend. Maybe she still likes you... u never know but u can always be her friend.

    • I mean she already told me when she broke up with me that I was an amazing guy. I haven't talked I her since then but I will see her next week cuz I start school and I have a few classes with her. You think I should just say hi to her.

    • Yeah hi wouldn't hurt at all! Like I said before u can always be her friend.

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