Can you contrast how the guy and girl cheats?

what are the differences when a guy and the girl cheats?


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  • -Guys are knows as player or are glorified for doing it.

    -Girls are known as sluts for doing it.

    • Hahaha,, when the girl cheat then that means she is a slut?

    • Pretty much or a whore...u know

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  • most guys won't tell the girl when they cheat. they won't tell them the girl until they last moment they will get caught.

    most girls will come straight out and tell the guy when it happens as soon as possible.

    That's a hugggeeee different

    • How sure you about it?you based it on your own exprience?

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    • Ow.. I really hate it when girls cheat... well to bad for the guys....

    • It's just not the girls that cheat. guys do it to, we just don't hear about it as quickly and if we do it because the girl he cheated with couldn't keep her mouth shout

  • Most guys who cheat look for an oppurtunity to cheat. They don't need a reason, they need a time and place. They are spontaneous cheaters. If a random hot girl was down to f*** and he thought nobody would find out (I don't know if this is me being jaded or if this is really realistic) but I think most men are only as faithful as their options. if there is a woman (or women) who want him and are willing to f***, then he will cheat.

    Most girls who cheat won't do it unless there is an emotional reason, whether its on her end (she is deeply insecure and cheats to feel wanted) or the emotions she feels to her boyfriend (she is resentful to him, or feels there's something missing from the relationship). girls aren't spontaneous (unless alcohol is involved I guess) if they cheat then they planned it


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  • When a guy cheats it is because he can't commit/only concerned about sex.

    When a girl cheats it was because she wasn't getting enough attention/he didn't know how to please her.

    As compared to the Femanon's answer.

  • You assume all guys cheat for the same reason and all girls cheat for the same reason... that is simply untrue. People (guys and girls) cheat for any number of reasons.


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