Why has this hurt not disappeared?

Its been almost 2.5 months since me girlfriend has left me for the second time. To be honest the longest we have gone with out talking to each other has been 2 weeks. Either family problems occur and we contact each other to let them know. Or as in one case I found out she had begun dating another guy, were we went off on a bit of a rant to each other. Or we just got bored and started to talk to each other. Yet she has told me multi times on how she knows I need my space. Now there are days were I don't mind talking to her because it helps when I miss her, I don't openly say it, we just catch up with each others lives but don't go into our personal lives.

But there are days like today where I just have this hurt in my chest where my heart is. I don't understand why it hurts, I just want it to stop. I work 40 hour weeks, been invited to hang around with friends and even when I hang around them I still hurt inside. What can make this go away?
Why has this hurt not disappeared?
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