Do you think it's weird to still have pictures of your ex and still make posts about them even after they have broken up with you?

I ask this because my bf's ex girlfriend isn't over him. And although she doesn't reach out to him to my knowledge nor does he care about her, I've seen her social media and she still has posts about him, still makes posts about him and it REALLY bothers me. Like why can't you move on? He left her Dec. 2015. It's now Jan 2017 and she still has posts. WTF


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  • Definitely weird, like come on now sweets get over it.

    • I just don't understand it like he has moved on and she knows about me and everything. I just feel it's borderline disrespectful to our relationship. But I don't sweat it too much because he told her not to call or text and to my knowledge she doesn't. It's just pathetic

    • It is pathetic I agree. Sorry about that. Fight her? lol

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