I'm freaking out right now? What should I do :/ ?

My ex who I haven't seen in months is coming back to my school. He transferred schools for a while, now he's transferring back. I'm actually really scared of him because he verbally abused me. I can't look at him, knowing he broke my heart and my confidence all at once. I'm gonna have a panic attack, my legs will start to shake, and my eyes move rapidly. I'm afraid he will start making rumors, I feel like a loser. I'm overacting like a freak.


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  • try and avoid him if you can, surround yourself with your friends especially if he's within distance.. if you start to get uncomfortable or things get serious like he's harassing you or something you can go to the office or an adult you trust at the school and ask not to be in any of the same classes as him or make some type of arrangement where you won't have to see him. they should be understanding especially if you give your reasons why.. he doesn't sound like just a bad ex boyfriend to me he seems like a bully too


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