What goes through the female mind after she breaks up with her ex and he just disappears?

Long story short. She had family issues (depression) and thought I didn't deserve to be ignored and be taken as a priority. We both cared but I felt like I was being a bit needy so she took me for granted and I showed beta-male characteristics.

i I tried making things work but she told me how my life was better without her.

From that moment on I went COLD TURKEY, NC, blocked her off all social media accounts, deleted her number and pictures etc.

Its been 2 weeks and she's been messaging me everyday (2 texts a day) apologising, small talk, but I've been ignoring, and working on myself.

What goes on in your (female) mind when I guy you dumped goes cold turkey?

And for the men, I want to know your experience when you applied no contact?


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  • If she was in depression then she's basically unwell just like when someone is physically sick. It sounds like she need you more than ever. And to answer your question if my ex cold turkey immediately and I still wanted to keep in contact, i would be really sad because even though we didn't end up together we did invest time and love into each other and for him to ignore me immediately after we broke i would feel like he never loved and/or cared about me.
    I applied no contact if i really did not care if he was ever in my life again and i was very hurt/angry at him

    • So you think it's wrong for your ex to ignore you while it's okay for you to disregard him and everything you both invested in by outright dumping him. Doesn't that show the female doesn't care?

      I feel like my self respect has been damaged and it takes more than small talk to heal the wounds.

    • It's not about right or wrong, i was just be hurt but he's free to do whatever he wants just like i'm free to feel whatever i want. and i was always dumped in the end so i dont really have experience with dumping him. i would just ignore him after i was dumped. life's short all i can do is go after what i want just like he will go after what he wants. all we can do is be honest and not ride that gray line and waste the other person's time, effort and love. if we wanna be with the person then we try, if we don't then clearly show and tell the person this. it up to those two people, if both make each other top priority then yes it has a high chance of working out. but if either person doesn't want to work it out, it's not gonna work out. it's that simple and it's up to you, if you dont want to try then you are free to make that decision.

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