My heart hurts..💔😔?

I recently got broken up with my boyfriend before Christmas. I thought I said the right words,, I compliments him a lot but I got clingy.. He said I'm not the problem so I broke up with him before he does it to me.. But we talked after the break up as friends.. After 3 days... I didn't respond and he called... I called him on new years eve and he didn't respond. I greeted him happy new year and how any girl will be lucky to have him... I called him three times, he didn't respond. (He's from Turkey and I'm from Cali-LDR-) he made another account to contact me on datingsite , I just knew it was him *I feel that he's playing games with me* he also said before the break up that he deleted his instagram , (I know he just deactivated it) 2 days ago he got back online, then changed his usename to "deleted_bhai_jkjkghlhkkggkgk" and deactivated it again.. I still hasn't got respond from him on Skype since new year... Please tell me ,, what did I do wrong.. How can I fix this.. Please tell me the right words to get back my ex.. It hurts me... It really does.. I even purchased your book hoping I'll get him back.. I really appreciate your help.. although I'm doing "no contact rule" for 30 days, it feels soothing off.. I.. just.. don't want to lose him..

My heart hurts..💔😔?
I copy pasted it, I'm sorry if it's a bother..


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  • no bother at all. ur gonna get through this


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