How can I handle my friend/fling treating me like I don't matter anymore after argument?

We have been close friends for over 2 years he had always been crushing on me and I on him. We work together. And had always been the kind calm person with good advice. Always around me. Yes we have messed around, but two weeks ago we got a major fight because someone came up to him to tell him i was talking bad about him. I was offended he believed them so we fought and said horrible things to each other until he said he was moving on. Later we decided to start over like regular associates with no fighting. But now he still treats me like I don't exsist. He is always stareing at me. But he avoids me. Then he says hi to me. Then the next day he is mean again. I can always see him looking at me from far away but he talks to me like he hates me or doesn't want to be seen with me anymore. What should I do with his hot and cold and will it ever pass? Is it normal? I dont know who is wrong or right.


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  • Why not just talk it out like adults? What's the problem, why is it a problem, and how does it make you feel? I know it sounds rudimentary but it works wonders. Usually most couples will only cover 2 out of the 3 and hence there's a breakdown of communication and things blow up out of proportion.

    • I did come up to him to ask him that. He just said I think to much. And that there is nothing wrong. He said he admits it's not the same but that he is not mad. That's when we said we would start over and be normal associates with no fighting. But he treats me with aggression and avoids me if I'm close by. Then he passes by and says hi. But then he acts like my presence bothers him now.

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