Does he really love me?

In October last year, I started dating an exchange student. It went really well from the start and we got super close pretty quick - even though we both knew he was leaving. And even though we didn't exactly define the relationship, we acted like we were in a serious relationship: the way we were towards each other, very romantic and loving, he bought me earrings, we spent Christmas and New Year's together etc.

So since he's leaving soon, I asked him what would happened to us - what we were towards each other, and he said that it was unrealistic to continue this relationship after he left and that we'd only continue as close friends. So I said that if that's where we're heading anyways, we might as well start now, 'cause what's the difference if it's then or now? But now I'm heartbroken.. and I don't know what to do. 😢


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  • There's nothing you can do except learn from it


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