Why does exgf's mom still contacts me, even though her daughter was in the wrong?

To sum up an extremely long story I had an ex-girlfriend who had cheated on me and I broke contact with her. The ex's mother was always kind to me but didn't know i was dating her daughter until my ex had an emotional breakdown after our breakup and told her everything (cheating included), which caused the mother to stop contacting. It wasn't until my ex repeatedly contacted me to tell me her new boyfriend was abusing her that i decided to contact her mother and inform her of the situation. To this the mother sends well wishes 4 times a week. Any ideas on why she's dedicated herself to do this or advice on how to handle it?

TL;DR: Cheating ex's mom keeps contact with me after finding out new boyfriend mistreats her.


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  • Perhaps her mum is really thankful you told her because she could potentially not have a daughter if things got really violent.

    • I didn't even consider that... damn. Thanks!!

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  • she's prolly hoping by keeping contact you'll stay emotionally invested and might end up givimg her daughter another chance


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