Guys, Why is he talking bad about me?

Okay so my ex, he broke up with me and he told me it was because he felt like he didn't make me happy enough and that we were drifting apart. I later learned the real reason; he never liked me and only dated me to make me happy. I mean it took my a couple days to actually let that sink in and remember everything he ever told me and just think "wow, he was lying..." I mean he told me he loved me.. Okay well I'm honestly over it, and I've accepted it. He told me he wanted to be friends and I told him in person that I would like to be friends again. I mean after that he would say hey to me or smile at me in the halls. But today my friend who is also his friend told me he said he talks a lot about me and he just says how he never liked me and how he wasted his first kiss on me. But that's why he always made the first move to kiss me right? he also rolls his eyes whenever he sees me (people tell me) and I don't get why exactly? And we follow each other on social media and I post and he'll like it but then unlike it? I don't get why he hates me so much when he broke up with me and literally lied the whole relationship. If anything, it should be me doing this to him? Please help, because this is driving me I-n-s-a-n-e. Thanks in advance!


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  • don't worry he liked you, he's just being a bitter little bitch lol


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