He Keeps Interrupting Me.

I've recently started dating this guy and it's been just wonderful. We're really into each other and we have great conversations and just generally enjoy spending time with each other. He makes me so happy and he always tells me how I make him feel amazing! Basically, he's the most hilarious guy I know and I really like him. Only problem is that whenever we're on the phone, I've noticed that he's always interrupting me when I speak. It's not to the point of being obnoxious or anything but it's starting to bug me just a little bit, especially since I never interrupt him.

How do I let him know that I would appreciate it if he didn't do that without making things weird or starting fights/trouble so early in the relationship. I'm a generally laid back kind of girl so I don't want to start a fight or anything stupid like that.


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  • It's good to identify little things like this early. He may not even know that he's doing it. Just tell him "hey I really like talking to you, but sometimes you interrupt me before finishing what I have to say. Could you please stop?". It's not starting a fight, it's saying what you want.

  • Let him know? You can't.

    It's a boundary problem, and it may manifest in different ways in the future.

    What's 95% good now can become 95% bad later.

    However, if it does work, be thankful. He's pliable enough to mold himself.


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