Ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago and just showed up at my house randomly why?

ok so 2 weeks ago my ex girlfriend that lives and hour away from me at college college me up on the phone 2 days after Christmas and i bought her a gift that she wanted to break up. i still wanted to make this work so like a idiot i drove up to her place and we talked she wanted me to take my hat and 3 shirts back but i didn't. she blocked me on all the socail media and phone. i got a chance to message her on snapchat and we messaged back and fourth for a little i said i wanted to make an work and she didn't have to reply ill give her space. she didn't reply and then next day she replied to my snap we exchanged a few more message and then she just said " i dont need your help, i dont want you or this relationship, goodbye' then i just deleted snapchat, facebook, and instagram. but i kept twitter so i didn't have to think about or see her pics on my page. speeding ahead two weeks later she JUST randomly shows up at my house to bring me my shirt and hat but she ran into my mom and my mom had her bring in bags and stuff with her which was hilarious to watch. when she came inside my mom called me that she was here and when we were alone by the door she told me why she was here and i said yea ok and opened the door for her to leave, but my question is why didn't she just throw my stuff away like why come to my house 2 weeks later. i asked two girls and one said it was an excuse to me and talk to me and that she wanted me to miss her and want her or fight for her. and my cousin said that my ex wanted the D or wanted to get back together.


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  • If she wanted to get back together, she would have said something and not given your stuff back. You should move on

    • I've defiantly moved on, which is why i dint bother to listen to her talk i just opend the door for her to leave. but if she wanted to just give me mysetuff back why wait 2 and half weeks to do it

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    • nah she was wearing some leggings nice casual outfit she lives and hour away at college and for her to be down here she came down here deliberately to see me. she was bascially embarsssed bout the whole thing with my mom being there.

    • now it doesn't really matter unless you want another shot with her and she with you

  • File a restraining order this bitch is cra


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