Why do guys play girls so much?

My friend just told me my ex boyfriend only dated me for fun... why are some guys so freaking stupid?


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  • There are two kinds of mating habits: Short-term & Long-term.

    There are pros and cons for each and that is why individuals choose differently. I won't get into the full details, but basically the reason why he does that is because he probably needed to boost his self-esteem and used you.

    Just remember, do not let the actions of stupid people make you stupid too. Don't try dating other guys for fun because you know full-well how upsetting it feels.

    • Doing short term mating is not stupid as well. I too won't explain why.

  • Not ALL guys do that. You are looking in the wrong places. And isn't dating supposed to be fun? You both get to know each other, etc? It's only when it's official it's taken seriously.

  • you are under 18 and so am i. we just explore dating stuff for right now.


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