I have made a mistake what should I do?

I broke up with my ex last year I had been avoiding her and she shows up on my mom doorstep. I had sex with her and helped her get a phone because she was going through hard times. It cost 30 dollars. She was supposed to using the phone to contact jobs. She using it receiving dick pics and not the reasons she initially needed it for. I don't have any feelings for her I'm talking to other people but I have mixed feelings about the situation and am not sure what to do. I was going to take the phone and sell it. What do you think


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  • I know you did a good thing and bought her phone for a good purpose, but let her keep the phone. she sold her dignity to get phone... but maybe someday she'll used for a good purpose like call to report a crime, call 911 to get help or help someone else or maybe she'll sell it for food if things got real bad in her financial life.

    The bad side is she used sex to get the phone
    The good side is you did a good thing and it shows that you are a good person.

    the next time you decide to do a good thing... do it for someone deserves it.. not for a dick lover.

    Good luck..


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  • So the mistake is the phone and not the sex? She's played you twice - she used sex to get the phone and then uses the phone to get more dick. She likes dick and she likes her phone. Chalk it up and leave her alone for good.

  • send her a dick pic on that phone and see if she recognise it. just kidding πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dude, she's a hoe! go find someone worth your time, loyalty, and money.

  • How do you know that she's only using it to get picture?

    • That's not the only thing she is using it for. But she told me she got some and blocked a guy. I didn't care and I asked has she contacted any of the jobs she said no so I'm looking at like she care more about social media interaction than the pursuit of a job.

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    • That true. Give her a timeline if she's not putting the effort in then take it if you want it back. Or just cut your losses and cut her out, let her handle her own problems.

    • thanks ill consider both options

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