Still a chance?

Hey! Is there still a chance my ex may regret breaking up and come back if its been 2 months since the breakup and he hasn't contacted me?
Please help me


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  • Sure there's a chance, but you're at an age where you have more romantic options than you'll ever have again. I think it's fine to be open to getting back together, but in all likelihood he's going to move on so I would recommend that you don't wait around for him or anyone else.

    • Do you think he will ever contact me again? I know i shouldn't wait for it

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    • So I should not contact him?

    • I personally think you should just move on and forget about him. But you know, if you really want to try to make things work, you can reach out to him and try. I just think that in the end, it will just lead to disappointment.

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is trying to forget u... Or he is moved on. Its time u do the same. 😊


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