Why do I still miss her?

There was this girl (almost 2 year ago) who I barely knew (we only had some wide-eyed-staring with or without smiling and some 2-sentence-soft-volume conversations during a few months). Anyway I was infatuated and I'm pretty sure it was mutual. At some point I moved away pretty abruptly she was quite upset. However after that day she never responded to any texts. I was extremely depressed in the first months and still very sad about it (I have a shrink). But why do I feel like this?


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  • you're crushing on her

    • I figured that out more than 2 years ago, at the moment I met her... What I meant: why do still miss her even though I barely knew her. I never had a feeling like this for any girl even though I've been infatuated for many girls.

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