Is it okay to let your boyfriend use your car?

Is it okay for a man to use his girlfriend car? We do not live together, we do not sleep together. We argue like cats and dogs when it comes to sharing the car. He has not made a payment on the car itself and has used it for 8 mos we been together. He says it is to help me so he can make money and pay me back the money he owes me. I lost my job recently. He overdrew my acct, credit cards, blames me thinking I am trying to sabotage him. He has made it to a point where I am bankrupt and cannot pay for anything. He thinks I am hiding things ($$) since I told him I do not have it. He only has given me $250.00 out of the entire 8 mos since we have been dating...well I have been the one paying for everything until just recently when I am in a crisis and have to move. SO is he really helping me by using my car (he has no transportation). We always fight and when I do use the car to go to an interview he blows up my phone thinking I am cheating when I am trying to get work, then I look bad to the interviewer and I told him that. I am not a girl that likes to sit at home eating bon bons.


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  • If he hasn't helped you pay for the car in the 8 months you've been together, I really don't think you should let him drive your car. Be careful as to when and where he's taking your car because it might be a good sign that he is cheating on you, I know sad to say. But if he can get the car from you, imagine what he can get from other girls.

  • Nancy Reagan said it in the 80s, I'm gonna say it to you. JUST SAY NO. Seriously, it's your f***ing car. He doesn't have a right to it. You're letting this guy lie, steal and manipulate you. Set some boundaries and stop the madness


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