Will he take me back?

I recently messed things up with the only guy that cared about me and liked me who I am. Honestly when we were together I thought that he was faking it or that he was going to break up with me but he was not going to. I am an insecure person so when I fall for someone I fall hard and I can't handle being rejected. I really liked him he was pretty much the only guy that I could talk to and not have to filter or be nervous around and we were really good together. He is in the military so it was hard for us to spend time with each other but I did not mind him being away because I'm a military kid so I know how it is. I am not really good with relationships because growing up I had to move all of the time so I never got attached to people as much and I think that was what I was doing with him. I was all that he could think of and he really wanted us to have a future together but it was hard because we were never together and we never really had good communication. He was always busy and my phone was broken all of the time so I never really got his messages until a couple of weeks after. It was like we kept running in circles trying to talk to each other. The last time I talked to him we were trying to plan a date and I sent a message and he did not respond at all and I had no other way of getting in contact with him because he only gave me his phone number and none of his social media accounts but I recently found his facebook and I was thinking of messaging him to talk to him but I have no idea what to say to him so that he does not think that I am making up excuses. I know he still wants to be with me and talk to me because he told his friends but he thinks that I stood him up or I do not like him anymore because of the way I just stopped talking to him. I do not want to make things worse by contacting him so should I message him or not?


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  • call him. talk to him calmly. don't beg for it but explain him that u hv realised your mistake and feeling sorry and wish to undo it. if he doesn't get along then call him next week. keep it up. give him space and time but make sure to stick around at times untill things get settled


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