Is there a chance she will take me back?

my girlfriend and i broke up on dec 30, very maturely and very calmly after taking a few days to think if this relationship is working. she decided she 'cant be my girlfriend right now and needs time to be alone'... the day after, we hung out as if nothing had ever happened. as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend again. she said why did we hang out today, i said because i love you and im not giving up on you, thats why. and she gave me kiss and cried. she said i love you and i want to be with you but needs some time and space.

that night, she then invited me to the new years party she was going to, i came, got too drunk, got into an argument with her about me being too drunk, called her ungrateful, said i never wanna see her again.

the next day i woke up sober, realizing what i did, and went to her house and apologized endlessly.

we stopped talking pretty much completely, then 5 days later (january 7), i showed up at her door, with a handwritten note in a picture frame vowing that i won't get drunk like that ever again, that i will not be aggressive or impulsive anymore, and just generally will change for the better. i basically begged for her back, she said she's already made her decision.

then i offered to talk about this again in 2-3 weeks. she agreed. she also said that if we both give it time, and relax, and if i keep my promise she doesn't see why this won't work out in the future.

that same night i lost the keys to my house and slept over in her bed. cuddling and hugging each other. in the morning she had to go to work, and she just kept saying just give me time please im begging you.

texted her 2 days later asking to hang out. she said she can't. then asked again if we can talk in 2-3 weeks. she agreed

spoke to her brother in law today (who lives with her and her sister), and he said that from what he's heard and what he thinks, that its over. he said, she made it clear that she's over it and is moving on.

not sure what to make of this, help me out?


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  • well if she wanted to have time and space give it to her. it much better that you talk to her in 2-3 weeks and ask her if you still both good. right now give that to her. if she wants to break up she already did that but she wants time and space did you ask her why? i mean before the party and you got drunk

    • she simply said she just needs time to be alone. time alone from her friends and time alone from everyone. she said she's not happy with herself, and therefore hasnt/cant be a good girlfriend to me. she just said please give me time its the 1 thing i ask for

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    • and also i am the one who offered it, and confirmed it the day after (lol). but i think i also need time as i am still pretty heartbroken over this. but who knows, she may even reach out to me tomorrow

    • oh yeah you need to dig deep and ask your self he you are ready.

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  • To your question mate... I say, yes she will. But and this is a very big juicy BUT, only if you do what seems to be hard for you, leave her alone for this time period in which she needs. Do not contact her or try to see what she is up to. Don't ask her family or friends, and don't get with other girls with attempts to cause jealousy.

    It's alarming when girls or our mates tell us they need space to rethink the relationship. I've been there more times than I like with one girl and it sucked every time and ultimately in the end she didn't return, it hurt.

    But she is happy now and she did thank me for giving her the space she wanted. Try not to force her desicion, whatever she decides. It's like being on the line waiting to hit the bottom or be pulled up to safety, but you do it if you care about someone and there choice mate.

    I hope it works out for you and she returns bro, truly.

    • i will for sure leave her alone for this time period, for this is the only chance i have of winning her back. however, do you think i should reach out to her after this "few weeks" are over? last week i told her 2-3 weeks, im thinking to wait until February 1

    • I don't think you should, based on what's occurred since she's said she's needed space. You guys continue to hang out and, share a bed, and keep contact. I personally think you shouldn't initiate anymore, and let her initiate when she's ready to come back to pursue things with a clear mind and her own terms.

      But with that being said, I don't think it would be too bad if you contacted her by then man. You know her better than I, if you think you should by then, then go for it.

    • what? i dont live with her

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  • I don't know maybe if you give it enough time and let her really think ab it she night come around but you can't force the issue.

  • Well the fact that she said that she's not happy with herself makes it a little hard.

    Maybe you can tell her to still be your girlfriend, but you'll respect her and give her more space until she feels better or maybe you can understand why she feels that way and try to help her to get at a point in her life where she feels like she can be in a relationship again. Or you can just make sure to let her know that you're waiting for her whenever she's ready and respect her wishes and give her time.

    Ofcourse you do that when you meet up with her later (after the 2-3 weeks) and only if she says she's still not ready to be in this relationship.

    • Ofcourse I recommend the third suggestion which is to wait for her as a friend and let her know that you're here if needs anything.

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